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General Manager - Bucharest

Thoughtful Automation

Thoughtful Automation

Bucharest, Romania
Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2024

About Thoughtful AI

We're seeking an elite and passionate founding General Manager to build our Bucharest market presence. Join our dynamic team, collaborate with visionary C-suite executives, and lead a team of Automation Engineers to drive impactful and transformative solutions.

Thoughtful AI is a trailblazing Series A startup at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare operations through our unparalleled applied AI solutions for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Our transformative technology offers healthcare companies unprecedented relief, stacking on top of existing platforms to enable substantial change without the hassle of large data transfers or extensive retraining.

Our solutions are blowing customers away, and as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in RCM, we are seeking an exceptional General Manager to help us deploy, scale, and optimize our offerings. Our technology arsenal includes Fully Human Capable AI Agents driven by Robotic Process Automation, Optical Character Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Large Language Models, harmoniously working together to deliver unparalleled results for healthcare RCM departments.

Join us at the forefront of revolutionizing the healthcare industry!

About the Role

We are seeking a dynamic leader ready to relocate to the vibrant city of Bucharest, Romania, to spearhead our expansion into the thriving local market, building and leading our Bucharest office and reporting to the SVP of Customer Engineering, Security, and Support at Thoughtful AI. The General Manager will establish and grow our Bucharest automation engineering hub. You will collaborate with local recruiters to source, vet, and build a high-performing local team and culture. Your responsibilities include leading strategy, building and scaling processes, and driving collaboration to expand our market presence. You will lead market launch and scale-up activities, including sourcing engineers, setting up offices, and managing daily operations. Guiding the team on priorities and long-term vision, you will ensure the delivery of exceptional solutions for our clients.

This role requires you to be a deep thinker, a master problem solver, a project manager, and an excellent collaborator who can effectively work across teams (e.g., Global Operations, Product, Engineering).

What You'll Do

  • Lead Offshore Engineering Operations: Launch and establish operations in new markets. Own the set up of local offices within three months. Own the sourcing and onboarding of top-tier talent, setting the timeline and pace that aligns strategically with the company's growth and customer demand.
  • Authority on Thoughtful AI Technologies: As the founding leader in our new markets, master Thoughtful AI technologies and capabilities. Identify success areas and improvements, and take charge of the rapid pace to maximize customer value. Lead market entry and expansion while ensuring team proficiency and high technical standards.
  • Direct Strategic Initiatives: Own pivotal strategic initiatives that amplify business operations. Drive these initiatives from conception through execution. Lead by example with a hands-on approach to achieving strategic goals.
  • Critical Issue Resolution: Address and resolve critical issues with Operations and Product teams. Implement a rapid response protocol to ensure seamless and efficient operations. Develop and establish an operating procedure for issue resolution and then take radical ownership of its execution. Track and report resolution metrics to maintain high standards.
  • Innovation and Hypothesis Testing: Construct, test, and iterate on hypotheses with Operations and Engineering teams. Own the culture of innovation, lead creative problem-solving, and generate actionable insights. Embrace a 'fail fast' approach to accelerate learning and success.
  • Process Refinement and Team Development: Identify, refine, and continuously improve Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in collaboration with the broader company. Develop the Offshore Engineering team as a critical asset and market differentiator. Conduct regular training and development sessions to enhance team capabilities.
  • Proactive Challenge Management: Conduct daily check-ins and check-outs with the local offshore engineering team. Integrate closely with the broader engineering organization. Tackle new challenges with a strategic and hands-on approach. Lead by example and inspire your team to excel.
  • Lead Team Culture and Objectives: Drive a team culture that mirrors our company's mission with unwavering resolve. Set ambitious goals, relentlessly source exceptional talent, and persistently promote growth. This is your call to lead, inspire, and make a monumental impact.
  • Mobility: This role requires flexibility and adaptability, including potential relocation to different markets on short notice to meet business needs.

Candidate Profile

  • Experience: Minimum 5+ years experience in a fast-paced, data-driven organization like a Tech startup is required.
  • Execution Expertise: At least seven years in technology or a related field, demonstrating leadership in successful initiatives and surpassing performance targets, with a strong understanding of local culture and language.
  • Strategic Engagement: Must have international experience and be willing to live abroad for one year to expand into new markets, grow the company's global footprint, and harness engineering talent for growth.
  • Road Warrior: The candidate must be able to maintain productivity while on the road, comfortable with frequent travel, and adept at managing responsibilities in various locations.
  • Organizational Skills: Proficient in handling a high volume of meetings, organizing schedules, anticipating upcoming needs, and managing last-minute changes while balancing support to Customer Engineers, sales teams, and C-suite executives.
  • Operational Proficiency: Experience setting up and managing local offices, sourcing and building talent, and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.
  • Technology Fluency: Proficient in technology across multiple subspecialties, with a thorough understanding of the technological requirements for operational efficiency. Confident in tackling challenges and anticipating needs in unfamiliar applications.
  • Immediate Impact: Scale global operations to meet customer demand, guided by data-driven decision-making, and deliver immediate, substantial results.
  • Communication Skills: Exceptionally skilled communicator, astute at seamlessly translating customer needs from the executive suite to the engineering floor, ready to travel for high-growth market locations.

Preferred Experience

  • Team Building Expertise: The ideal candidate has proven experience in building teams from the ground up. He or she has successfully led teams' recruitment, training, and management, ensuring they are aligned with the company's vision and goals.
  • Financial Strategy Expertise: Experience in financial planning or closely related areas, providing a specialized strategic advantage in market dynamics and solutions.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive Package: $180-220k salary, with performance bonus and benefits package designed to attract the top professionals in the field, with performance incentives for exceptional achievements.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Our comprehensive package includes stock options, comprehensive health benefits, and an extensive paid time-off policy.
  • Travel and Housing: Our commitment to support your relocation and professional journey includes coverage for travel and housing expenses.

The Call

We're seeking individuals driven to profoundly impact a competitive, time-honored industry. If you are ambitious to work among the very best, push boundaries, and redefine industry standards, Thoughtful AI invites you to join our elite team at the forefront of technological innovation within the healthcare landscape.

Are you the leader we're looking for? Apply now and take the first step towards a role that offers not just rewards, excitement, and a quick-paced work environment but also an opportunity to transform healthcare operations through cutting-edge technologies.