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Content Creation Specialist



United States
Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Content Creation Specialist

  • Marketing
  • United States
  • Full-time
  • ID: VDT25326


VAST Data is the data platform software company for the AI era. Accelerating time-to-insight for workload-intensive applications, the VAST Data Platform delivers scalable performance, radically simple data management and enhanced productivity. The VAST Data Platform is a breakthrough for data-intensive computing that serves as the comprehensive software infrastructure to capture, catalog, refine, enrich, and protect data for real-time data analytics and deep learning. Designed from the ground up to make AI simple to deploy and manage, VAST takes the cost and complexity out of deploying AI infrastructure across data center, edge, and cloud. When organizations are free of the never-ending tuning and downtime imposed by legacy systems insights are accelerated.

We are seeking a highly motivated and results-oriented Sales Enablement Content Creator to join our dynamic team. In this critical role, you will play a key part in producing impactful and engaging content that empowers our sales force to achieve success. You’ll also manage and maintain our Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure ease of access and a seamless learning experience while collaborating closely with subject matter experts, sales leaders, and other stakeholders to ensure content aligns with business objectives.

This role offers a unique opportunity to champion our sales team's success through a comprehensive approach to sales enablement. Here's how you'll make an impact:

  • Content Powerhouse (Content Creation): Craft compelling written and visual content, from sales playbooks and presentations to case studies, blog posts, and sales scripts. Tailor these materials to seamlessly support every stage of the sales cycle and address the specific needs of your team.
  • Interactive Learning Architect (Video Production): Become a video production pro! You'll plan, shoot, and edit high-quality videos encompassing product demos, training sessions, role-playing scenarios, and customer testimonials. These will transform learning into an engaging experience for the sales force, utilizing editing software like Premier Pro & After Effects.
  • LMS Maestro (Learning Management System (LMS) Management): You will take complete control of our LMS. This includes managing users, uploading content, creating courses, and generating reports. Your focus will be optimizing the LMS for usability, accessibility, and effectiveness in delivering training and resources.
  • Content Curator Extraordinaire (Content Curation and Organization): You'll curate and organize a centralized repository within the LMS. This includes both internally developed content and valuable third-party resources. Your organization skills will ensure everything is easily accessible and searchable for the sales team.
  • Data-Driven Optimization Guru (Performance Analysis and Optimization): Become a master of measurement! You'll track how effective and how often content and training materials are used within the LMS. Analyzing metrics and feedback will allow you to identify areas for improvement and optimize content and training programs to align perfectly with your sales team's needs.
  • Collaborative Champion (Cross-Functional Collaboration): Foster strong relationships with sales leadership, marketing, product management, and other cross-functional teams. Your collaborative spirit will ensure seamless alignment between content and training initiatives with overall business goals and sales strategies.


  • A minimum of 5+ years of progressive experience in content creation, video production, and/or Learning Management System (LMS) administration within a sales enablement or corporate training environment is essential.
  • Proven proficiency in video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects) and multimedia production tools is required.
  • Proficiency in multimedia authoring tools and graphic design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) or similar programs.
  • Strong written and storytelling abilities are necessary to develop clear, concise, and engaging narratives and messages tailored to diverse audiences and sales scenarios.
  • Experience with an LMS platform, including user management, content upload, course creation, and reporting capabilities, is preferred.
  • A detail-oriented individual with exceptional organizational and project management skills, adept at handling multiple projects simultaneously and meeting deadlines consistently.
  • A creative thinker with a passion for continuous improvement in content development and training delivery methods.
  • This role requires travel flexibility with up to 15-20% of the year dedicated to on-site projects and Sales Kick-Off (SKOs).